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Procrastination, disorganization, and overwhelm––the top three reasons people don't get their writing done, submitted, or published. Welcome to The Writers' Block, a custom-tailored inspirational community for writers.

What exactly is The Writers' Block?

It's a virtual community––a private clubhouse––offering you writing inspiration and support, publishing instruction, access to experts, marketing skills, and more. It's a place to get encouragement to keep you going when the going hits a dead stop; it's a welcoming front porch when you just can't seem to continue, or even get yourself started.

As a member of the Writers' Block, you'll be our "Neighbor," with curated and exclusive access to expert interviews, special products, discounts, and market news. You can choose from two different levels, First Story, or Second Story, whichever suits your needs and budget.

Now is your chance to be a Charter Neighbor. And for as long as you keep your Charter Neighbor key active, you'll be at your original low rate. When membership rates rise, yours will remain the same. Forever. Not only that, but since you're getting in on the ground level, you have the chance to make it work for YOU by letting us know what's working and what's not. We want to tailor it to make it the most productive community possible.

When you become a First Story Neighbor, you get fresh content, support, and tips every month. You can join month-to-month and quit any time. Every month you get:

  • Exclusive Industry Expert Interviews - Each month, a new industry expert shares their inside tips for moving your writing career and craft forward $49 value
  • A Guest article with even more in-depth expert content
  • Surprise ever-changing discounts (January's a huge discount on the Institute for Children's Literature 2018 market guides)
  • A new Two-Minute Toolkit, from Institute Instructor and author Nancy Coffelt
  • Inspiring prompts packet created by the Institute's faculty to stretch your writing wings
  • Free access to all Institute contest workshops $56 value
  • Private Facebook group to connect with writers
  • Monthly Webinar $59 value

This is hundreds of dollars worth of benefits every month, but as a Charter Neighbor, you'll pay less than 40¢ a day––what on earth can you get for 40¢?

Join monthly (you can quit any time). Oh, and when you become a Second Story Neighbor, there are even more benefits ... and when you join for a full year you get two free months!

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